Can you imagine having the politicians run our businesses? Anyone who runs a business knows that to be successful you must learn the art of compromise.

I have been in the financing business my whole career. I work on financing deals every day. The borrower always wants the best terms while the lender wants their own terms. There is no right or wrong in anything. Each party to a transaction will try to negotiate what terms they would like to have, but at the end of the day, everyone must compromise to some degree. That is Finance 101. No, make that Basic Business 101.

Now we come to what our so-called leaders have created in Washington: a virtual standstill in the operation and management of our government. What happened to cooperation and compromise?

You don’t compromise on the rules of the game, set forth in the Constitution, which was laid down so eloquently many years ago by the Founding Fathers of our country. But running the government effectively requires getting things done, solving problems, progressing and making things better.

If our politicians can’t run our government effectively, who will? I believe the answer comes close to choosing the worst choice possible. Other countries that have gotten into the same situation chose to elect the dictator. The dictator makes all the decisions. No need for politicians anymore. Let one man or woman decide for everyone.

Isn’t that a scary thought? Sure it is, but what should we do? I for one believe we have to start all over and throw out all of our elected congressmen and senators. Put in a whole new group that promises to get things accomplished. I am not voting for any incumbent, and I believe all of us should take the same position.

We need a fresh new group of leaders, politicians or whatever you want to call them. Let’s clean house and elect representatives that can cooperate and compromise and run this country, not ruin it.