It feels like the biggest ordeal when you come to a crossroads. As if you’re the only one this is happening to.

Which direction shall you take with your life? Is it time to change jobs, move to a new city, start a family, make a shift in your relationship or finally start your own company?

The feelings can be overwhelming at times. This is all normal for being at a crossroads—that time in your life when you need to figure out your next move such as in a career or with a relationship.

Seemingly a paradox, you will continue to experience these crossroads again and again. The more you experience them, the more you will create and uncover your potential.

Yes, it’s normal.

It’s OK.

And you are on the right path.

You can find yourself at a crossroads regardless of your education, title, role or how much money you have. It happens to all of us including CEOs, managers, moms, athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs. It’s a good thing because it’s your internal watchdog telling you that something needs to change.

This is where the problem arises—the dreaded change factor. On one hand, you’re telling yourself that something needs to change, but on the other hand, you have to move outside your comfort zone and experience change.

Why would we want to do this when we know that change leads to feelings of uncertainty and that with uncertainty there is often fear? Because it’s part of the process of growth, and there can also be excitement, learning, success and fulfillment. You may experience some dips along the way. This is normal too.

I coach clients of all ages who work in different industries, come from various backgrounds and play different roles, and the theme of crossroads/transitions continues to emerge. Some are considering their next move, such as starting their own company. Others are redefining success and shaping what the ideal work environment looks like. More still are launching a new product line, deciding between two finance jobs and moving into a new role. It’s scary but it’s also possible. It’s challenging to leave something that is known, even if it’s neither particularly fulfilling nor provides the best role for you.

Being at a crossroads is part of the process of uncovering your potential. Sometimes the feelings can be overwhelming and frustrating, but trust that this is the way forward. Consider your options, do the research, define what’s important to you, and take a small step.

One piece of advice, though, is to move away from what you or others think you “should” do and honor your truth. Do not let circumstances that you see as fixed, such as a mortgage, define what is possible as you create your ideal.

Crossroads occur time and time again, and give you the opportunity to explore your next level. Accept and embrace them.

Have you successfully moved through a recent crossroads? We’d love to hear about it.