When Philadelphia Phillies President David Montgomery, C’68,WG’70, opened up his email today, he received a pleasant surprise from his old friends at Penn.

With the Phillies preparing to take on the New York Yankees in the World Series, the Penn Glee Club has composed a special number in honor of the defending world champions. “Ain’t Cha Never Heard?” is a, well, gleeful tribute to just about every member of Philadelphia’s most successful sports organization. But it’s not just the players who get name-dropped. The guys in the front office get their due, too.

That includes Montgomery, who gets mentioned just after pitcher Joe Blanton and just before reserve outfielder Ben Francisco. After recording their YouTube version of the song, the club emailed the clip to Montgomery.

Montgomery joined the Phillies’ sales department in 1971, steadily worked his way up through the organization and was named to his current role in 1997. Early this month, he was appointed president of the Philadelphia Sports Congress, a division of the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau charged with bringing major sporting events to the city.

The Phils and Yanks are set to play Game 1 in the series tonight at Yankee Stadium (weather permitting).

Wharton Magazine’s official prediction? The Phils in six.

Besides, they’ve got a Wharton guy on their side.