Alumni Book Roundup: Spring - Summer 2020 1Bring Yourself: How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly

Mori Taheripour WG03
Avery/Penguin Random House

Wharton Legal Studies and Business Ethics lecturer and co-founder of the Wharton Sports Business Initiative Mori Taheripour offers a fresh perspective on what makes a great negotiator. Bring Yourself explains that the best negotiators are those who search for a human connection within their bargaining, and bring empathy and curiosity to the table. Drawing heavily from her own stories and those of her MBA students, Taheripour examines the potential roadblocks to finding common ground, including personal experience and cultural expectations, and presents strategies to move past them. As she aims to help readers find greater confidence in their abilities to express themselves, Taheripour also illustrates instances in which negotiation impacts our personal relationships.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring - Summer 2020The Thank-You Project: Cultivating Happiness One Letter of Gratitude at a Time

Nancy Davis Kho W88
Running Press

Author, speaker, and host of the Midlife Mixtape podcast Nancy Davis Kho spent a year writing weekly letters of gratitude to individuals who had shaped her life. She received calls of appreciation from the recipients, as she expected she might, but was surprised to find that she was also profoundly impacted by the process. Copies of the letters she had written guided her through an especially difficult year, allowing her to reflect on the many things that added goodness to her life. In The Thank-You Project, Davis Kho guides the reader through the process of designing their own gratitude letter project and introduces scholarly research on the science of gratitude to better understand the value of being actively thankful.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring - Summer 2020 2Negotiation Hacks: Expert Tactics to Get What You Want

Simon Rycraft WG12
Hacks Capital

Drawing from his work with companies from Silicon Valley to the Fortune 500, Simon Rycraft presents six basic negotiation strategies to improve your persuasive skills. These tips can be valuable for fundraising meetings, M&A deals, supplier relations, outsourcing contracts, and more. In addition to his own experience, Rycraft refers to philosophy, psychology, behavioral science, and various field experts to support his theories. The result is an easily-digestible guide that Wharton professor and best-selling author Jonah Berger calls “one of the most concise books on the topic of negotiations I have ever read.”


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring - Summer 2020 3New Startup Mindset

Sandra Shpilberg WG02
New Mindset Media

In just three years, Sandra Shpilberg founded, grew, and sold her company Seeker Health, while consistently taking unconventional steps along the way. New Startup Mindset explains that the Silicon Valley formula for successful startups — young male entrepreneurs with VC funding —  is not only broken, but limits the way new entrepreneurs approach business. Shpilberg shares her own story of building and exiting a startup while presenting advice and insights along the way. The 10 mindset shifts detailed in this book aim to teach Silicon Valley hopefuls and experienced entrepreneurs alike that there are new ways to make a lasting impact.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring - Summer 2020 4Maisha and the Rainbow Tree

Jeffrey Blander W93

Inspired by relationships with his own family, Jeff Blander worked with his daughter to write a children’s book that shares a story of kindness and hope. Maisha and the Rainbow Tree seeks to educate children about advocacy, community, and sustainability. Based on actual efforts to save a cherished tree, Blander tells the tale of the magic that results from spreading love in difficult times. The book culminates with a series of lessons for applying Maisha and the Rainbow Tree to classroom discussions of advocacy work. To further Blander’s mission of spreading compassion, all proceeds support environmental preservation and families in need.