Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 10The Age of Resilience: Reimagining Existence on a Rewilding Earth

Jeremy Rifkin W67
St. Martin’s Press

With the onset of pandemics and climate change, Jeremy Rifkin imagines a radical new world, bringing humanity back in tune with nature. As president of the Foundation of Economic Trends and author of 22 books, Rifkin describes the emerging era as the “Age of Resilience.” From efficiency to adaptivity, productivity to regeneration, hyper-consumption to eco-stewardship, he suggests that we are going to adapt how we use time and space going forward.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 13To the Top: How Women in Corporate Leadership are Rewriting the Rules for Success

Jenna Fisher WG04

Leadership advisor Jenna Fisher suggests that in today’s corporate world, women are more ready than ever to take on leadership positions and are poised to take down the gender biases in business once and for all. Based on scientific research and anecdotes from female professionals across industries, Fisher says that the same traits that historically excluded women from business now make them an asset to management teams. In the changing corporate landscape, compassion, empathy, communication, mentorship, and collaboration have never been more in demand. Fisher instructs women to capitalize on these skills and aims to accelerate the potential of leaders everywhere.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023The Odyssey of Self-Discovery: On Becoming A Leader

Xinjin Zhao WG03
New Degree Press

Business executive Xinjin Zhao speaks directly to aspiring leaders through a combination of interviews, exercises, anecdotes, and personal insight to help readers find clarity about their own leadership values and growth patterns. The author draws from his 30 years of experience as a global business executive.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 2At the Helm: My Journey with Family, Faith, and Friends to Calm the Storms of Life

John Dalton WG71
Knox Press

At the Helm traces the story of Dalton’s long and tumultuous career, which ultimately led him to the role of Secretary of the Department of the U.S. Navy. This memoir delves into the values which have shaped his decisions, his choices, his career, and his ethical hard line. He recounts the hard lessons he has received from his successes (and failures), even touching on the essence of principled leadership. From a long career in business, all the way to presidential appointments: At the Helm tells all.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 3Solving The Price Is Right: How Mathematics Can Improve Your Decisions On and Off the Set of America’s Celebrated Game Show

Justin Bergner WG05

The concept of “The Price is Right” is a simple one: contestants compete to guess the price of products in exchange for prizes. But what does it really take for contestants to hear the famous catch phrase “Come on down!” and win? Investor and math practitioner Justin Bergner applies the principles of finance, probability, and psychology to unpack the biases behind the beloved show. Using data analysis from seasons 47 and 48, Bergner examines contestant performances and ultimately produces a how-to guide for using logic and math to make better decisions, both on the game show and in our daily lives.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 4Innovating with Impact

Ted Ladd WG98 and Alessandro Lanteri
The Economist Books, an imprint of Pegasus Books

According to authors Ladd and Lanteri, anyone has the capacity to innovate with impact. The book is a pragmatic approach to a previously undefinable buzzword in corporate spaces, preparing leaders and entrepreneurs for the challenges of being innovative in highly saturated modern business environments. Their “Innovation Pyramid” outlines a strategic process to innovate in a way that packs a punch and makes the maximum difference. Ladd is currently a professor of entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School and is writing as part of the Economist Edge Series.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 5Smarter Collaboration

Ivan Matviak C91 WG98 G98 and Heidi Gardner C92
Harvard Business Review Press

Matviak and Gardner offer readers a “new approach to breaking down barriers and transforming work.” They lay out a plan of action to help companies collaborate in more meaningful and effective ways. In times of market volatility, sustainability demands, and hybrid working, they seek to help businesses across industries work more efficiently, collaborate and innovate. The book is based on research with executives from across the globe, offering readers fast solutions and anticipating the pitfalls a leader might make on the road to smarter collaboration.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 6Unvarnished Faith: Learning to Love with a Servant’s Heart

Bill Yoh WG01
River Grove Books

Bill Yoh weaves a novel centred on the human experience, tracing the journey of a privileged American and first-time missionary as they experience poverty, find faith, and learn the power of relationships. For Yoh, “unvarnished faith” is an invitation to find purpose, engage with the community, and cherish life. This is the second book by Yoh, a lifelong writer and the owner of manufacturing, construction and engineering company Day & Zimmerman, which has been in his family for three generations.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 9Quantum Care

Rohit Mahajan WF08
Advantage Media Group

Tech consultant and IT/software expert Rohit Mahajan provides a roadmap for startups looking to leverage the growth opportunities made available by AI health care solutions. The book maintains a personal touch, drawing on the patient journey of Mahajan’s father and the real-life healthcare challenges faced by his family. There is a particular emphasis on AI’s profound impact on drug discovery and medical research. Ultimately, Quantum Care aims to help readers understand and embrace the AI health care revolution.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 8What a Unicorn Knows

Matthew E. May WG85 and Pablo Dominguez
Matt Holt

What allows successful unicorn companies to thrive, where other startups struggle to reach the same organizational scale and speed? Private equity operators Matthew E. May and Pablo Dominguez have developed the “Unicorn Model,” providing readers with a concise framework of principles to enable a company to accelerate towards that coveted billion-dollar valuation. The book draws from the authors’ experience with a variety of unicorn-level companies and aims to give others a competitive edge.


Alumni Book Roundup: Spring 2023 7Day’s End

Brian Kenneth Swain WG91
iUniverse, Inc.

Day’s End is Brian Kenneth Swain’s latest venture into the world of fiction. He has authored nine books, alongside poetry and essay collections. The novel follows the actions of a terrorist set in the Holy Land.