Cover for book titled Self-Made Boss: Advice, Hacks, and Lessons From Small Business OwnersSelf-Made Boss: Advice, Hacks, and Lessons From Small Business Owners

Jackie Reses W92 and Lauren Weinberg
McGraw Hill

For many small business owners, the most helpful advice comes from those who have stood in their shoes. Co-authors Jackie Reses and Lauren Weinberg have collected practical advice from dozens of small business owners to provide the answers entrepreneurs are really searching for. From how to kick-start an effective business to setting a course for growth and overcoming challenges, Self-Made Boss offers inspiration for individuals at any point in the business-building journey. [Reses recently sat down with Smokey Joe’s co-owner Paul Ryan for a conversation about his Penn-famous small business for Wharton Magazine.]


Cover for book titled Decide and Conquer: 44 Decisions That Will Make or Break All LeadersDecide & Conquer: 44 Decisions That Will Make or Break All Leaders

David Siegel C97 WG03 
HarperCollins Leadership

In Decide & Conquer, Meetup CEO David Siegel traces pivotal moments of his own leadership, mapping highs and lows of his career. The author presents insightful business advice through a comprehensive set of challenges leaders face when starting new positions, outlining the decision framework he applied when he took over as the head of Meetup. The politics of mergers and acquisitions (see “When Your Merger Is a Bad Fit”) is just one of the topics Siegel touches on in Decide & Conquer, which makes use of personal conversations, examples, and anecdotes from the boardroom and beyond.


Cover for book titled Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful RainmakersSelling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers

Robert Chen WG19

Professional change agent Robert Chen provides a roadmap for professionals looking to effectively market their skills and services. From lawyers to accountants to consultants,  Selling Your Expertise is meant for knowledge-based professionals seeking to build their reputation, grow their network, and land new business. A partner at communication-skills consultancy Exec-Comm, Chen leverages his own years of experience and the advice of other rainmakers to help readers deepen their business relationships and conquer common hurdles on the path to sales success. [For a few sales-strategies tips from Chen, see his recent piece for the Wharton Magazine Blog Network.]


Cover for book titled Messy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese-AmericanMessy Roots: A Graphic Memoir of a Wuhanese American

Laura Gao W18
Balzer + Bray

In March 2020, Laura Gao created a short comic strip about Wuhan, the city where she was born, in response to the anti-Asian racism spreading rapidly alongside COVID-19. The comic almost immediately went viral on Twitter and later became the basis of Gao’s debut graphic memoir, Messy Roots. A love letter both to Wuhan and to the process of finding oneself, the memoir was inspired by the experiences of Gao’s family and explores themes of identity, close relationships, and queerness through the author’s personal coming-of-age story. [Gao shared more about the book’s publication in an Alumni Spotlight Q&A with Wharton Magazine.]

Cover for book titled: Nothing but Net: Ten Timeless Stock-picking Lessons From One of Wall Street's Top Tech AnalystsNothing but Net: 10 Timeless Stock-Picking Lessons From One of Wall Street’s Top Tech Analysts

Mark S.F. Mahaney WG96
McGraw Hill

Nothing but Net is essential reading for individual investors and institutional investors alike trying to break into high-growth tech stocks. A seasoned Wall Street analyst, Mark Mahaney divides his advice into 10 lessons based on his nearly 25 years of covering internet stocks. Readers will walk away from Nothing but Net with a thorough set of practical takeaways for their own investing aspirations.


Cover for book titled: Converted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers' HeartsConverted: The Data-Driven Way to Win Customers’ Hearts

Neil Hoyne
Portfolio | Penguin

In his debut book Converted, Neil Hoyne — a Google executive and senior fellow with Wharton Customer Analytics — describes fresh data-based strategies for building better customer relationships. Hoyne synthesizes his analytical expertise in this how-to guide for harnessing the power of data to understand customer needs, demographics, and more. His creative version of digital marketing has been designed to help brands get a leg up over the competition.


Cover for book titled Can. Trust. Will: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of CybersecurityCan. Trust. Will.: Hiring for the Human Element in the New Age of Cybersecurity

Leeza Garber L11 and Scott Olson
Business Expert Press

What does it mean to hire diversely in the field of cybersecurity? How can hiring processes and on-boarding programs in the industry be improved? Those are the kinds of questions answered by retired FBI agent Scott Olson and Leeza Garber, a Wharton lecturer focused on cybersecurity and privacy law, in Can. Trust. Will. Together, they have put together a robust guide for hiring the right candidates for cybersecurity positions. With a new generation of graduates entering the workforce and cyberthreats continuing to proliferate, the “can-trust-will” framework serves as an important resource for the industry, uniquely emphasizing the human element of security and tech careers.