Book cover for "Planting a Seed"Planting a Seed: Three Simple Steps to Sustainable Living

Kate Gaertner WGOO
Page Two

Planting a Seed provides a detailed blueprint for readers looking to lower their environmental impact. As founder and CEO of the corporate sustainability consultancy TripleWin Advisory, Kate Gaertner brings her expertise on sustainability down to the personal level, guiding readers toward individualized action plans for eco-friendly living, including new habits and commitments. To help individuals match their values with actions they can take, Gaertner focuses the book on several accessible areas for change, ranging from energy to transportation to trash.


Book cover for "The Caesars Palace Coup"The Caesars Palace Coup: How a Billionaire Brawl Over the Famous Casino Exposed the Power and Greed of Wall Street

Sujeet Indap WG06 and Max Frumes
Diversion Books

Focusing on the 2015 bankruptcy of Caesars Entertainment, this tell-all examines the private equity firms and hedge funds at the center of the casino giant’s restructuring. Financial journalists Sujeet Indap and Max Frumes bring to light the harsh strategies employed by such investors in the sale and purchase of some of the world’s biggest companies. A Wharton alumnus and former investment banker, Indap is now U.S. editor of the Financial Times’s acclaimed Lex investment column.


Book cover for "The Myth of Private Equity"The Myth of Private Equity: An Inside Look at Wall Street’s Transformative Investments

Jeffrey C. Hooke W76 WG77
Columbia Business School Publishing

A senior lecturer at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and a former private equity executive and investment banker, Jeffrey C. Hooke offers an in-depth exposé on the private equity industry. Examining the negative effects of the sector, Hooke reveals flawed investment strategies and questions claims of high investment returns and financial wizardry. He says that private equity funds remain relatively protected from scrutiny and calls for greater accountability from the industry.


Book cover for "Brands Don't Win"Brands Don’t Win: How Transcenders Change the Game

Stan Bernard C82 WG88
Lioncrest Publishing

Drawing on his experiences as president of consulting firm Bernard Associates and his time as a senior fellow at Wharton, Stan Bernard offers his business know-how in Brands Don’t Win. Bernard is the creator of the three-step Transcender System, a model based on the idea that leading companies rise above the competition by defying traditional branding and marketing rules to forge their own paths. The strategies outlined in Brands Don’t Win have been taught to more than 15,000 professionals who have participated in the author’s Transcender System training workshops, seminars, competitive simulations, and speaking engagements.


Book cover for "A Mistaken Hostage"A Mistaken Hostage

J. F. Foran WG63

Set in 2001, A Mistaken Hostage follows former CIA official and intelligence officer Brooks Davidson on a multi-continental journey of political intrigue, romance, and crime. J. F. Foran’s thriller tells the story of a kidnapping cast against a complex atmosphere of tension and distrust between the Middle East and the West. The novel is Foran’s follow-up to his debut, Angels on a Tombstone, in 2018.