Grady Jensen WG49, 100, of Redding, CT, passed away on January 31. Before Wharton, Grady entered service in the Navy as an aviation cadet. He was released to inactive duty in December 1945 after the end of World War II and in March 1946 was commissioned an ensign and designated a naval aviator. Among his career accomplishments, he was executive director of the Senior Personnel Employment Council, a not-for-profit employment service for older workers. In 1952, Grady married Mary Margaret Wilber. They had three children and lived in Scarsdale, NY, for 46 years. During that time, he was active in civic and community affairs, including as Scarsdale mayor. Grady was preceded in death by his wife and his brother, Henry. He is survived by children Timothy, Eliza, and Caroline and five grandchildren.