chick1“I think domestically in the tier-A markets, there will be a continued swift recovery. I think that in secondary markets, the economy, at least in housing, will bump up but basically just sort of slide along. I think that, internationally, there’s a giant question mark looming over large portions of the globe. … There are so many potential triggers of things that could happen in markets that could again roil our economy. I think that it’s a frightening time, but I do think that generally we are on the mend.” —Ivanka M. Trump, W’04



lauder“I’m positive about the U.S. economy. … The U.S. economy has momentum now, and I think this will continue well into 2013 and hopefully onwards. Europe, on the other hand, is in turmoil and almost everywhere you turn, with the exception of Germany, there is uncertainty. I’m hoping that things will settle down, but I have less optimism about that. As far as China goes, I am confident that China will get it right. The recent figures coming out of China show that things are going well, and the rest of Asia is responding accordingly.” —Leonard A. Lauder, W’54



guy“I think 2013 could be crucial. Immediately after the election, we are going to be faced with at least three immediate crises—the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, the significant budget sequestration and the need to deal with the debt ceiling. … If we get them wrong, we’re at risk of a serious stumble in 2013. But if we can get these right, our economy will continue to revive.” —Brian L. Roberts, W’81




nash“I’m pretty bullish on 2013, especially for our industry. If you look carefully at health care reform, it’s all about 35 million new customers. So I’m pretty pumped about it, and I think it’s going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to health care.” —Dr. David B. Nash, WG ’86