Over the past 30 years, Wharton has seen an increase in the number of international students in its undergraduate and graduate student bodies. This purposeful evolution has enriched the classroom and Wharton’s culture. These international students bring with them a vast array of views and experiences, enhancing the learning environment dramatically.

After graduation from Wharton, no matter their origin, students will disperse around the globe, where they will populate the business, nonprofit and government ranks. In an increasingly flat global environment, many of us alumni have professional interactions beyond our own national borders. When doing so, there is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from this geographically dispersed network of alumni.

No matter where you’re doing business, consider reaching out to fellow alumni for support and engagement. As always, our online alumni community (www.whartonconnect.com) is a great place to start. It is very robust and was recently revamped to offer even more features. For example, you can now flexibly search by geography, industry, class year, employer and more.

Additionally, the local Wharton clubs are terrific resources. Through WhartonConnect, you can link to local club organizers who are eager to bring alumni together. These volunteer leaders are a critical part of our global alumni network.

While we all know Wharton is present in Philadelphia, San Fransisco and New York, through WhartonConnect we can reach out to our numerous classmates in London, Mumbai, São Paolo and beyond. Use your network; it is an unparalleled resource.

For more alumni news and events, visit WhartonConnect at www.whartonconnect.com.