I am sure that most of us felt like summer could not get here fast enough, given the record-breaking winter and short spring most of us felt in the Northern Hemisphere.

We were also eager to welcome our new dean to Philadelphia this summer, Geoffrey Garrett. We are fortunate to have Dean Garrett at Wharton, and the

Wharton Alumni Executive Board looks forward to working with him to enhance our global efforts as a school and alumni community.

On behalf of the board, I ask all alumni to think about how they can personally aid the dean in growing and sustaining Wharton as the world’s best business school.

In my previous Alumni Executive Board Update, I encouraged you to get engaged with Wharton now more than ever. I mentioned that we are in the golden age of Wharton alumni. In this decade we will surpass the 100,000-alumni mark. We have more resources for Lifelong Learning through content, Wharton Global Forums and Wharton clubs than ever before. I have become especially attached to SiriusXM channel 111—Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School—which now is virtually the only radio I listen to everyday.

Being an engaged alumnus at Wharton is fulfilling socially, mentally and professionally. WhartonConnect is your portal to stay up to date on how to engage, such as personally through our Wharton Club Network. Be a connected and meaningful force in our national and local communities for promoting the world’s best social enterprise, business.


We can also look forward to the fall, which will bring outstanding new classes of future undergraduate and graduate alumni. These incoming students might have competed for entry into our fine School at the most competitive time in history, when we saw acceptance rates hit record lows across the world’s top schools.

In the meantime, to our alumni in the Southern Hemisphere, we hope your winter is milder than ours was!

L. David Mounts, WG’04

Chairman, Wharton Alumni Executive Board