Can you name these Class of 1959 members? A hint: the Spoon Man and the Bowl Man were both Wharton men.

The Spoon is the oldest of the Honor Men Awards presented traditionally at Hey Day. Originally started in 1861 as a sarcastic joke, the Spoon became four years later an award to the most popular member of the senior class. The Bowl dates back to 1882, when it was given to a sophomore at the conclusion of the Bowl Fight. The third male Senior Award is the Cane, which began in 1891. The Spade, the fourth male Senior Award, is linked to Ivy Day, when a student used a spade to plant the class ivy.

Four leadership awards are given to female seniors. The first honor, given for “intellectual competence” and loyalty to the University, is the Althea K. Hottel Award, established in 1959 in honor of the first Dean of Women. Service to the University is recognized through the Gaylord P. Harnwell and David R. Goddard awards, both started in 1969. And the fourth honor is the R. Jean Brownlee Award, named in 1977 for a dean and champion of women’s equality.