Winners Never Cheat: Everyday Values We Learned as Children (But May Have Forgotten)

By Jon M. Huntsman, W’59, H’96
Wharton School Publishing (2005)

“Nothing could be more timely than this provocative book from one of America’s foremost business and civic leaders about the urgent need for greater ethics in our public and private lives.”– Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

Leveraging the New Human Capital

By Sandra Burud and Marie Tumolo, WG’91
Davies-Black Publishing (2004)

“Infuses much-needed breakthrough thinking into the discussion of human capital. The authors refuse to let anyone who manages people ignore the basic truth about leveraging humans as capital: You can’t manage people as assets without respecting them as the whole beings they are.”– Anne C. Ruddy, Executive Director, World atWork

The Debt Threat: How Debt Is Destroying the Developing World

By Noreena Hertz, WG’91
HarperBusiness (2005)

“The Debt Threat should not go unnoticed. Its message must reach the highest corridors of power and the masses of the marginalized poor who carry the burden of debt through joblessness, increasing user fees for basic services, hunger, malnutrition, and inadequate access to health care and education.”– Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu, winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize

Ruminations on Twentysomething Life

By Aaron Karo, W’01
Fireside (2005)

“Ruminations on Twentysomething Life examines those awkward and absurd moments we all have after college but are afraid to admit. If Jerry Seinfeld and Candace Bushnell had an illegitimate child, its name would be Aaron Karo.” – Farrah Weinstein, New York Post