Two guitarists and other band members get ready on stage in a bar as people eat and drink around them.
WG93’s Max Baxter Band performs for 80-plus alumni in New York (March)
Three people in business casual attire and a casual event space smile for the camera.
Inaugural Wharton GOLD event in New York for graduates of the last decade (November)
Six people in formal attire stand in front of two ornate bookcases and a Christmas tree.
Wharton Club of the United Kingdom Christmas party (December)
Two people in business attire take a selfie in a room filled with mingling people.
Wharton Impact Tour in Hong Kong (March)
Six people in business clothing gather for a photo in a crowded event space.
Wharton Impact Tour in New York (February)
Five people in business casual clothing gather together for a picture on a patio.
Wharton MBA Reunion on the Road in Greenwich, CT (February)

Published as “On the Scene” in the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Wharton Magazine.