Welcome to the new Wharton Magazine. We’ve revamped the magazine from front to back to deliver a more thoughtful and enjoyable experience. Our goal was to create a magazine that reflects the transformational power of a Wharton education as measured by the contributions of our extraordinary alumni.

And when I say “extraordinary,” I mean it. Since arriving at Wharton I have had the opportunity to meet with a great many of you. My Global Conversations Tour took me to 20 countries on four continents, giving me the chance to talk with you about Wharton, your organizations and the regions in which you live.

From Shanghai to Miami, from London to Chicago, and at every stop in between, our conversations have brought into perspective some of the most pressing topics for the future of business and, in my role, for the future of business education. The global reach, incredible quality and deep School commitment of our alumni are indeed Wharton’s greatest assets. Here’s a sample of what I’ve discussed with and learned from you:

  • MOOCs and online education are here to stay. It is wonderful that Wharton is a real leader and innovator. Through Wharton Online, we are able to offer a sample of Wharton thought leadership to millions of learners across the globe, who otherwise might never have heard of us. In addition, MOOCs are helping us evolve teaching methods to offer even richer learning experiences for those who do have the opportunity of being on campus to earn their degree.
  • The private sector will be called on more and more to sustain the infrastructure and social needs of the public sector. We are sending our students into the world with the best possible education to make their mark in this area as we continue to delve deeply into the fields of public policy, innovation and alternative investing.
  • Wharton’s focus on turning analysis into action is more valuable now than ever. We teach the importance of using analytics to drive decision-making. In an era of big data and technology-led breakthroughs, a Wharton education helps leaders excel.
  • We are global in our DNA. Our impact is tangible throughout the world as our graduates fan out to solve problems and create new opportunities. They leave Wharton with a global perspective, having experienced immersive programs from China and India to Central and South America. They are ready to lead, anywhere in the world.

I can’t wait for the next chapter of my continued learning and doing at Wharton.

Geoffrey Garrett is Dean and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Published in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Wharton Magazine.