Dear Fellow Alumni,

It’s spring. That means graduation is near for Wharton’s current class, which also makes it a great time to reflect on how each of us felt as we approached our own graduation.

On one hand, each of us was likely filled with the excitement that comes from anticipating new opportunities and the ability to put our Wharton education to work. On the other, we all were likely melancholic as we began to accept that we would no longer be spending as much time with the close friends and amazing individuals who all contributed to the experience that is uniquely Wharton.

I travel back to Philadelphia a few times each year to spend time with other alumni, faculty and students. I always leave renewed, refreshed and more curious than when I arrived. It is a wonderful reminder that our Wharton team is unique.

However, you don’t have to be back in Philadelphia regularly to stay connected to Wharton. Simply reading this magazine is a reminder of our incredible alumni community and the good work they do.

I encourage you to deepen your connection with fellow alumni and Wharton. Our Wharton alumni community is now 91,000 strong. Whether you engage with your classmates and other alumni directly, through a club or during Lifelong Learning events such as the Wharton Global Forums, I encourage you to set aside time in 2013 to more deeply discover or rediscover the Wharton experience.

You can find all you need to engage through Go there now, and search for an old friend. Find an alumnus who can help you in your current endeavors. Or enroll to attend a master class, summit or club meeting.

Stay engaged, and you will feel like you did in the springtime of your graduation year … every year.

L. David Mounts, WG’04
President, Wharton Alumni Executive Board