In each issue of Wharton Magazine, we’ll test your knowledge with a question straight from an actual Wharton exam or sent in by one of the School’s esteemed faculty members. Submit the correct answer and you might just walk off with a great prize—a Wharton Executive Education program.

This issue’s Final Exam challenge comes from Dean Foster, Wharton’s Marie and Joseph Malone Professor of Statistics, who sends along a unique challenge—one that, to be honest, left the staff here at the magazine scratching our heads. You see, we work best in words. Not statistics.

The Basics:
Suppose you put the following ten letters—S, T, A, T, I, S, T, I, C and S—in a bag. Suppose you then drew out those letters, one at a time, until every letter had been selected and the bag was empty.

Question: What is the probability that, as you selected the letters, you would correctly spell out the word “STATISTICS?”

Answer: 1 in 50,400

Think you know the answer?
Submit your response at or by June 1. Professor Foster will post the correct answer on June 4. One winner will be selected to attend, tuition-free, one Executive Education, 3- to 5-day open enrollment program.

Does not include travel, expenses or personal costs incurred; subject to availability and admissions criteria; excludes the Advanced Management Program, Executive Development Program, Essentials of Management, Health Care, Industry-Specific and Global Programs.