Reverse Mergers: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO

By David N. Feldman, W’82, L’85
Bloomberg Press, 2006

Written for CEO s, CFO s, and the investment bankers, lawyers, and auditors who advise them, Reverse Mergers by David N. Feldman (Chairman Emeritus of the Wharton Alumni Association) is explains how reverse mergers, specified purpose acquisition companies, and self-filings work,from the business and legal points of view.

Entrepreneur’s Notebook: Practical Advice for Starting a New Business Venture
By Steven K. Gold, MD, W’87
Learning Ventures Press, 2006

Using his experience from co-founding and leading five early-stage ventures, entrepreneur Steven K. Gold has written a whirlwind tour of the startup process, from entrepreneurial team building to business plans to financing.

Coming Attractions? : Hollywood, High Tech, and the Future of Entertainment
By Philip E. Meza, WG’95
Stanford University Press, 2007

“This book forcefully instructs media and tech companies to accept the shotgun wedding imposed by digitization, and profit from the long honeymoon of convergence. Using both historical and strategic analysis deftly, Philip Meza shows how Hollywood and Silicon Valley can reason together.” — Reed E. Hundt, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

The Performance Manager: Proven Strategies for Turning Information into Higher Business Performance
By Roland P. Mosimann, WG’89, Patrick Mosimann, and Meg Dussault
Cognos Press, 2007

The Performance Manager looks at the partnership between decision-makers and the people who provide the information that drives better decisions. This how-to book offers suggestions for 42 decisions areas, or information sweet spots, to help you understand data, plan, and monitor your performance.

Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century
Edited by David B. Nash, MD, WG’86, Alexandria Skoufalos, Megan Hartman, and Howard Horwitz
American College of Physician Executives, 2006

Positioned at the crossroads between medicine and business, this multi-authored book is a reference for physicians getting ready to join or start their own medical practice. Topics include clinical management, information management, the practice environment, practice administration, and financial management.

Beat the Odds: Avoid Corporate Death & Build a Resilient Enterprise
By Robert A. Rudzki, WG’77

Beat the Odds illustrates that the long-term viability of a Corporation is more than just about strategy and metrics, it’s about core business principles and continuous diagnosis. Bob Rudzki’s nine principles for long-term organizational health and success is something that every leader who thinks about the future should read and follow.”
— John M. Anderson, Vice President and Partner, A.T. Kearney, Inc.

Firing Back: How Great Leaders Rebound After Career Disasters
By Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Andrew Ward, GrW’99
Harvard Business School Press, 2006

“Sonnenfeld and Ward’s adroit portrayals of contemporary public and private leaders bringto life the exhilaration and agony experienced bythose who have sought to lead. It is an importantbook and a great read.”
— William H. Donaldson, cofounder Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette

Mommy Wars: Stay-at-Home and Career Moms Face Off on Their Choices, Their Lives, Their Families
By Leslie Morgan Steiner, WG’93
Random House, 2007

“… a valuable opportunity for discussingwomen’s “inner [conflict].” In lieu of mud-slinging,she presents a reasonable and low-keyforum for mutual understanding and respect.”
Publishers’ Weekly