To paraphrase Ed Sullivan, we have a really big issue for you this spring. In fact, there are two issues. You have no doubt already digested the 80 pages of entertaining content in our “regular” spring issue, and have now moved on to this issue, our brand-new, “special” spring edition. I am so excited to have this issue become a reality that I was tempted to use the superlative “magnum opus” instead of the tempered “special.”

The original impetus behind this edition was alumni enthusiasm for our Class Notes section. A regular feature of the magazine, Class Notes includes announcements and photos from your classmates—for instance, when they’ve earned a promotion, launched a business, cured a terrible social ill through a free-market solution, won an honor or award, traveled the world for fun or finance, acquired a family through the birth or adoption of babies, or forged a power couple through marriage.

Our Class Correspondents are in charge of collecting and collating all the information, and they do such a tremendous job that we often have more material than we have room, especially when it comes to photographs.

Instead of burying the material in a subfolder in Windows Explorer, we launched this new issue.

Upon further rumination, we decided not to miss this opportunity to spotlight all of the many other ways for Wharton alumni to be involved with their peers and the School. Inside these pages, you’ll also find a complete listing of the alumni clubs and details about the Class Ambassador program.

We felt it crucial, as well, to illustrate how each and every one of you has taken your Wharton knowledge and applied it toward consequence in the real world. To see what we mean, read the one-on-one interviews inside with seven of Wharton’s more engaging leaders.