Ten thousand four hundred sixty-nine.

Full-time MBA and Executive MBA alumni who have graduated in the last decade


One in ten.

Proportion of all living Wharton graduates who are GOLD alumni



Opportunities to attend Wharton MBA Reunion Weekend as GOLD alumni — during the one-year, five-year, and 10-year milestones. Executive MBA alumni are invited back each year to their respective coasts.


Forty percent.

GOLD alumni who are female



Alumni clubs around the world that offer GOLD graduates ways to connect with other members of the Wharton community by region or interest



Years after graduation when MBA alumni who graduated in 2010 or later become eligible to attend a free Executive Education open-enrollment program every seven years. All Wharton and Penn alumni receive a 25 percent discount on open-enrollment programs.


Three hundred four.

GOLD alumni included in MBA Career Management’s Wharton Board of Directors Résumé Book, where top MBA employers search for alumni who are interested in serving on boards


Four thousand one hundred seventeen.

GOLD alumni who work in finance and banking, the top industry in which such graduates work


Twenty-six percent.

GOLD alumni who live in the New York City region, the most popular area where graduates of the past decade reside, followed by San Francisco and Philadelphia


One thousand dollars.

Minimum annual donation to The Wharton Fund for alumni to qualify for the Young Franklin Society in the first four years after graduation


One thousand four hundred three.

Graduates of the last decade who have reported their compensation via the career management office’s MBA-wide Alumni Compensation Survey, a newly launched effort to provide alumni of all years with up-to-date data about these outcomes



Hashtags to share your Wharton pride online: #WhartonGOLD and #WhartonGrad


Website where GOLD graduates can learn more about exclusive benefits, including upcoming Wharton GOLD Events — chances to informally meet and network with other GOLD alumni locally.


Published as “Solid GOLD” in the Fall/Winter 2023 issue of Wharton Magazine.