Going Clubbing 14
Alumni clubs in the network


Going Clubbing 15
International clubs, making up more than 50 percent of all alumni clubs


Going Clubbing 16
Events hosted each year


Going Clubbing 17
Alumni living in regions served by clubs


Going Clubbing 18
Affinity clubs founded around alumni interests, professional industries, or Wharton programs (e.g., social impact, venture capital)


Going Clubbing 19
Alumni living in the area served by the Wharton Club of the U.K., the largest international club


Going Clubbing 21
Volunteers in leadership roles throughout the club network


Going Clubbing 22
Club leaders employed in C-suite-level roles


Going Clubbing 23
Top area of interest among all clubs: angel investing


Going Clubbing 24
Miles from campus to Melbourne, the farthest city served by an alumni group (Wharton Club of Australia and New Zealand)


Going Clubbing 25
Average annual cost for clubs that charge a membership fee


Going Clubbing 26
Wharton clubs that collaborate with peer-school alumni groups


Published as “Going Clubbing” in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Wharton Magazine.