Alumni who have engaged with Wharton in some way—whether through reading a School email, connecting with a classmate, or attending an event


New specialty compensation reports available through Wharton MBA Career Management that alumni can use as a resource in offer negotiations (Private Equity, Hedge Fund, and Startup)


Respondents who didn’t know they’re eligible for a 25 percent discount on Wharton Executive Education programs


Alumni who read Wharton Magazine in the past year


Increase in MBA alumni median total compensation from one-to-five years to 15-to-20 years post-graduation


Wharton topic of most interest to respondents: leading-edge research (followed by recent or upcoming alumni events)


Respondents who have taken part in a Wharton-related program in the past year


Overall Net Promoter Score—considered “world-class” by global standards


Percentage of U.S. alumni who met up informally in the past year


Alumni who are aware of Wharton career services offerings


Percentage of international alumni who met informally with other alumni in the past year


Respondents who spoke with at least one fellow Wharton alumnus over the past year


Industries for which Wharton has gathered alumni compensation data

Published as “Survey Says” in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Wharton Magazine.