Dear Fellow Alumni:

Throughout 2007, we have emphasized a call for greater connections through lifelong engagement. This issue we focus on how to access and strengthen one of Wharton’s greatest assets: the importance and power of our vast alumni network.

The Wharton alumni network extends around the world to almost every continent and into almost every industry. Its 82,000-plus members in 140 countries form an active and powerful global community that fosters lifelong professional and personal connections and supports Wharton’s reputation as a leader in business research and practice. The alumni network continues to be one of the most valuable benefits of a Wharton degree.

Lifelong Relationships

When Wharton alumni gather together, exciting things always happen. Graduates who become involved in any of the school’s 80+ alumni clubs, reunion activities, or Global Alumni Forums find opportunities to build friendships and bonds, establish professional connections, and share knowledge and interests with an exclusive and dynamic community. Your relationship with Wharton lasts a lifetime, no matter what other factors may change!

You can benefit from the network while you extend its power, impact, and influence whenever you reach out to fellow alumni … in your class, city, industry, or area of affinity.

Wharton Connections in Action

We are also interested in hearing how Wharton influenced or changed your life. The new series “Wharton Connections in Action” began in our Summer issue and continues on page 38 with a feature on Karen Burns, WG’86. E-mail your own stories to Some of these stories will be featured in future magazine issues.

In the meantime, while you’re reaching out to fellow alumni, we’re reaching out to you. Increase your engagement …through participation, volunteerism, and giving. You can participate in your local Club, or use the online directory to reconnect with old friends or locate colleagues in your industry. Make a trip to Philadelphia for Reunion Weekend, or book a trip to one or all of the dynamic world centers that are hosting the 2008 Wharton Global Alumni Forum. The upcoming events in Lima, Peru (March 13-14), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (May 30-31), and Cape Town, South Africa (June 26-27) promise to be the most substantive and insightful forums yet.

Spread the word — and we’ll see you there!!!

Until then, just give me a call at (310) 229-5951 …


Tama L. Smith, WG’90

Board Chairwoman, Wharton Alumni Association

President, Tama Smith & Associates, Inc.