A Farewell to Vige Barrie

By Steven Oliveira, Associate Dean

Dear Wharton Alumni,

It is with heartfelt thanks for her years of dedicated service that I announce Vige Barrie, CW’74, WG’76 resign her post as chair of the Wharton Alumni Association board.

Vige became president of the Wharton Club of Dallas-Fort Worth Wharton Alumni Association meeting in Philadelphia in 1996. She served as president of the Wharton Alumni Association board from 2003 to 2005, and has been chair from 2005 to 2006. Through her active involvement, she worked to enhance the committee structure within the board, and promoted an effort to increase the number of nominations to the board within a global context. She forged connections with hundreds of Wharton alumni and helped to build our strong alumni network through her leadership.

We have been honored with Vige’s level of commitment to the Wharton community as a board member, committee chair, and president and chair of the Alumni Association board. After nearly a decade of participation, she will pass the torch to board president,  Tama Smith, WG’80 along with all of the outstanding committee chairs.

Throughout her tenure, Vige kept the Wharton Alumni Association board focused on its mission to build and fortify a world-class alumni network, and she did so with efficiency and diplomacy. Her involvement has helped us to reach out to alumni in new and more meaningful ways.

Please join me in wishing Vige the  best and in thanking her personally for her ongoing commitment to Wharton.  Vige, we are grateful for your resounding support over the years. You have strengthened the Alumni Association board and in so doing, have strengthened the School overall. On behalf of the Wharton community, thank you for your tremendous work.


Steven Oliveira
Associate Dean