Obscene Gestures of an Invisible Hand: Financial Doom and the Death of Culture – the Lighter Side
By Jeffrey J. Trester, GrW’93 (2005)

Entrepreneur Jeffrey J. Trester, a Wharton PhD, creates his own genre—part Wall Street thriller, part financial farce. A Wharton-trained currency trader races to prevent a trading error from spreading into a worldwide depression.

“[An] entertaining novel … captures the frenetic scene of the trading floor in vivid detail … colorful personalities and outrageous egos ….”
– Kirkus Discoveries

Three Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Wealth and Power to the East
By Clyde Prestowitz, WG’80
Basic Books (2005)

Clyde Prestowitz, a graduate of the Wharton MBA Program for Executives, offers a perceptive diagnosis of the nation’s economic decline under globalization and the rise of India and China.

“Globalization is not what you think it is—a seamless integration of the global economy and world financial markets. Prestowitz gets it—and provides a long overdue wake-up call that urges us to consider a very different world order.”
– Stephen Roach, Chief Economist, Morgan Stanley

The Running of the Bulls:Inside the Cutthroat Race from Wharton to Wall Street
By Nicole Ridgway
Gotham Books (2005)

Angst meets ambition on Locust Walk. Nicole Ridgway, a reporter for Forbes, follows seven diverse Wharton undergraduates during the tumultuous recruiting cycle of senior year.

“Hugely informative and supremely entertaining, this is a marvelous book.”
– Peter Robinson, author of Snapshots From Hell: The Making of an MBA