Rebuilding Sergeant Peck: How I Put Body and Soul Back Together After Afghanistan

John Peck, Dava Guerin & Terry Bivens WG91
Skyhorse Publishing

Marine Sgt. John Peck served his country with honor, but his duty came with a heavy price. After surviving an IED in Afghanistan, Peck was left a quadruple amputee and returned home to a marriage that ended shortly after. Rebuilding Sergeant Peck tells the inspirational story of a veteran who restored himself physically and emotionally after losing what seemed like everything. Six years after his injury, Peck underwent a successful bilateral arm transplant and now is a motivational speaker who helps wounded warriors and other veterans. Dava Guerin and Terry Bivens—accomplished writers and spouses—helped pen the book.


The Naked Truth

Leslie Morgan WG92
Simon & Schuster

Bestselling author Leslie Morgan is determined to reclaim her life after a heart-wrenching divorce, but in her own unique way. In this tell-all memoir, she dedicates the year after her divorce to finding lovers in hopes of uncovering adventures that were missing from her life before. The book unpacks the story of a soccer mom who re-experiences the excitement of intimate connections and is a reminder to women that it’s never too late to celebrate their femininity.


Too Smart for Our Own Good: Ingenious Investment Strategies, Illusions of Safety, and Market Crashes

Bruce I. Jacobs G79 GRW86
McGraw-Hill Education

While some believe financial crises are caused by uncontrollable circumstances, Too Smart for Our Own Good argues otherwise. By understanding how and why these crises occur, we may be able to avoid future ones or, at least, lessen the damage. A financial expert and co-founder of the Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center, Bruce I. Jacobs examines the most recent financial crises and reveals the commonalities between them. For each, he finds that the rise of novel investment strategies that were expected to reduce risk actually led to the downturns. On a brighter note, Jacobs also points to ways we can better manage financial risk and, in turn, ensure more secure markets.


Relational Finance

Benjamin J. Lehrer W04
Advantage Media Group

Benjamin J. Lehrer, founder of financial consulting firm First Water, introduces the Relational Finance model as a new way for small and midsize businesses to think about money management. The approach, which Lehrer relies on at his firm, aims to help company leaders get a better grip on their finances through data, reporting, projections, and more. Lehrer posits that traditional finance models don’t meet the needs of smaller businesses, but that the Relational Finance model can help them make better financial decisions and secure the capital they need to grow.


The Startup Squad

Brian Weisfeld WG97 & Nicole C. Kear

The heroine of this fast-paced story empowers girls across the world to dream big and never give up. The start of a middle-grade series by former Silicon Valley executive Brian Weisfeld and co-writer Nicole C. Kear, The Startup Squad tells the adventures of Resa and her friends as they find their way in the wild world of entrepreneurship. They are quick to learn that a good business is not about buying and selling, but rather about establishing solid relationships. The upshot for young readers: Through entrepreneurship, girls can realize their potential at an early age.