There’s really not all that much to MBA Pub, is there?

I mean, this grand old Wharton tradition is nothing more than a glorified happy hour. Right?

Well, not exactly. Not according to Wharton MBAs, at least.

When we here at Wharton Magazine visited MBA Pub earlier this year (Pub is held each Thursday during the school year at Vance Hall), our goal was rather simple: We wanted to find out what what Pub is really about. We wanted to know why, year-in and year-out, it remains among the most popular events on the Wharton MBA calendar. We wanted to know why students so faithfully attend–and what, exactly, they get out the experience.

We got our answers.

Here, in our latest Wharton Magazine video, take a peak behind the scenes at MBA Pub–and find out why it is, in fact, much more than just another happy hour.