Alumni celebrate Wharton | San Francisco‘s 10th anniversary.

Robert Fleming, WG’10, describes how his Wharton | San Francisco and the Wharton network opened doors and increased opportunities for him.

Lan Luan, WG’12, highlights the mix of academic rigor and entrepreneurial spirit at Wharton | San Francisco.

Shauna Barker, WG’04, discusses her experience at Wharton | San Francisco and its 10th anniversary.

Sean Havlin, WG’08, reflects on the friendships he built while at Wharton | San Francisco and the importance of the Wharton network.

Prasad Kilaru, WG’10, explains how his Wharton | San Francisco experience earned him credibility and respect in his work.

Ketih Shea, WG’09, discusses his Wharton | San Francisco experience, and Wharton’s growing impact on the region.

Current student, Amilcar Chavarria, WG’13, highlights the importance of Wharton | San Francisco‘s 10th anniversary.