"Big Bets" book coverBig Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens

Rajiv Shah M02 GRW05
Simon Element

Big Bets draws on a lifetime of humanitarian work by the president of the Rockefeller Foundation. Rajiv Shah’s model and philosophy for realizing transformative change starts with seeking to solve problems and attracting unlikely partners along the way. From leadership strategy to behind-the-scenes anecdotes and conversations, Shah shows how big bets and bold visions are key to achieving long-lasting change.


Chuck Tanner gazing into the distanceChuck Tanner and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Dale Richard Perelman WG65
The History Press

With all the reverence of a fan but the accuracy of a historian, Dale Richard Perelman offers a new view of baseball’s “Mr. Sunshine” in this biography. Through extensive research and interviews, Perelman details Chuck Tanner’s growth into a Pennsylvania sports dynamo, tracing his early career as an outfielder and his transition to managing teams. Perelman details Tanner’s time with the Chicago White Sox and the Oakland Athletics before diving deep into the role that catapulted him to legend status: leading his home team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, to a World Series win in 1979.


"Confessions of a Crossword Junkie" book coverWill and Me: Confessions of a Crossword Junkie

Stu Ockman WG80
Archway Publishing

Eleven rejections from the New York Times might make anyone else give up. But Stu Ockman stayed persistent and has had 13 puzzles published in the paper since he started contributing in 2010. Ockman’s book goes behind the scenes of the process and includes his correspondence with Will Shortz, the New York Times puzzle editor, who wrote the foreword for the book. It also offers tons of bonus puzzles for readers to solve, including some that never made the cut.


Boy holding a glowing orb on "The Wonderful Once" book coverThe Wonderful Once: A Christmas Story

J.R. Buchta WEV84
Warbucks Inc.

In this heartwarming debut, J.R. Buchta crafts a Christmas tale for children. The story emphasizes the importance of good deeds and generosity, while whimsical illustrations by Erin O’Leary Brown bring the holiday spirit to life for young readers. The tale follows an orphan’s magical journey, delivering a powerful message about kindness. Buchta’s interest in children’s writing sparked with the birth of his grandkids, inspiring him to create stories that capture their imaginations, much as his father once did for him.


"What Start Bad a Mornin'" book coverWhat Start Bad a Mornin’

Carol Mitchell WG95
Central Avenue Publishing

Caribbean culture is central to children’s-book author Carol Mitchell’s first adult novel. The protagonist, Amaya Lin, has built a perfect life and career but is prompted by a stranger to explore her repressed past. The story unfolds in three narratives, each rooted in a different aspect of Amaya’s identity—from the United States to Trinidad to Jamaica. As she unravels her dark past, Amaya discovers the meaning of an old Jamaican proverb: “What start bad a mornin’, cyan end good a evenin’.”


Cartoon animals of varying ages socializing on a beach with airplanes flying overheadHow’d They Do That?: Grandparents Answer Questions About the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart

Joseph Howard Cooper W69 L72

Flight pioneers Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers are the stars of How’d They Do That?, a colorful first look at these historical figures for younger readers. Joseph Cooper has always enjoyed sharing his own fascination with how new feats of science were developed and wrote the book as a “resource to be held onto.” Suitable for all generations, the entire book reads like the conversation between grandfather and grandson that inspired it.


Book cover of Cleared for the Option.Cleared for the Option: A Year Learning to Fly

Patrick Chovanec WG05
Causation Press

Patrick Chovanec takes readers on his personal journey from passenger to pilot, sharing historical tidbits and illuminating insights into the world of aviation and offering practical knowledge on the requirements needed for a pilot’s license, including a deep understanding of aerodynamics, instrument reading, regulations, and more. The book is perfect for both the aviation enthusiast and the casual reader curious about the world of piloting. As a former chief strategist for Silvercrest Asset Management Group and a professor in Beijing, Chovanec has enjoyed living and traveling around the world. He learned to fly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and earned his private pilot’s license in September 2021.