Book cover for "Up and Doing"Up and Doing: Two Presidents, Three Mistakes, and One Great Weekend — Touchpoints to a Better World

James Harmon WG59
Disruption Books

James Harmon’s Up and Doing traces his own career successes and lessons learned. From Wall Street to the White House, Harmon is a seasoned figure in global investment and advising. His book reflects on how economic development can be harnessed for sustainable change when it comes to issues such as women’s financial empowerment, climate change, and investment in developing economies. Having graduated from Wharton in 1959, Harmon’s career has led him all over the world: Today, he is chairman of the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund and co-chair of the World Resources Institute.


Book cover for "The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin"The Matchmaker: A Spy in Berlin

Paul Vidich WG81
Pegasus Crime

Following Anne Simpson, an American woman working as a translator in West Berlin, this 1980s story starts when Simpson’s seemingly normal marriage is turned on its head by her husband’s disappearance. Cold War politics, complex espionage, and the tale of a sham relationship all coalesce in this gripping tale of suspense from novelist Paul Vidich.


Book cover for "Driving Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion"Driving Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 

Kristina Kohl WG88
CRC Press

Kristina Kohl’s significant business experience in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion serves as the foundation for this book on rectifying the imbalances of power that pervade our institutions, organizations, and social systems. As the managing principal of consulting firm HRComputes, Kohl leads the business’s Becoming Sustainable practice, developing people strategy focused on more equitable and inclusive organizations. Such expertise shapes the advice here, including a “North Star vision” and a framework for kick-starting systemic change in the corporate world.


Book cover for "Anticipate Failure"Anticipate Failure: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Navigating Uncertainty, Avoiding Disaster, and Building a Successful Business

Lak Ananth
Ideapress Publishing

As CEO of venture capital firm Next47, Wharton-INSEAD MBA Exchange graduate Lak Ananth offers insider advice to budding entrepreneurs, chiefly focusing on how to navigate the uncertainties along the road to building a successful enterprise. Anticipate Failure outlines the most common sources of new-product flops, allowing founders to foresee — and avoid — such outcomes before they happen. Stories and interviews with successful business leaders make up this roadmap to smooth innovation.


Book cover for "Deliver: The Untaught Lessons to Growth Hack Your Career"Deliver: The Untaught Lessons to Growth Hack Your Career

Wen-Szu Lin WG06
Anvil Publishing

Wen-Szu Lin’s second book is for both newcomers to the corporate world and seasoned professionals ready for their next big career step. Lin’s own experiences over his 20-plus year career inform the theoretical frameworks and examples he provides to help readers better understand self-management and the importance of delivering results that matter. Lin shares the techniques that — after his own rocky start in business — allowed him to “growth hack” his career. Simply being able to meaningfully contribute in a variety of professional situations sits at the heart of this practical read.


Book cover for "People Around the Corner and Other Strangers"People Around the Corner and Other Strangers

David Barudin W69

This fictional short-story collection serves as a reminder to be grateful for chance encounters. Across 12 different tales, Barudin weaves a message that we are never alone — rather, we are each a part of an ever-changing constellation of people. People Around the Corner and Other Strangers is a reflection on the lessons learned from others and the joy of crossing paths.