Book cover for The Predictive Edge.The Predictive Edge: Outsmart the Market using Generative AI and ChatGPT in Financial Forecasting

Alejandro Lopez-Lira GRW20

Part LLM instruction manual, part conceptual AI toolkit, this book by Lopez-Lira, a researcher and assistant professor of finance at the University of Florida, teaches readers how to use generative artificial intelligence to invest more successfully. Along with tips on investing with AI, the book also explores upcoming trends in finance as well as how to use the technology to examine market sentiment.


Book cover for The Power of Faces.The Power of Faces

Theresa Menders WG94 and Daniel Farber Huang WG94
Princeton Studios

From Greece to Bangladesh to Ukraine, Menders and Huang — interviewed by Wharton Magazine in 2022 — photograph people in refugee camps, with the goals of both humanizing their subjects and increasing awareness of the refugee crisis. The result is a powerful, inspirational look at the dignity and individuality of displaced people.


Book cover for Impact Investing for a Sustainable Planet.Impact Investing for a Sustainable Planet: Insights from EcoEnterprises Fund

Tammy Newmark WG90 and Michele Pena

As managing partners in EcoEnterprises Fund, Newmark and Pena encourage entrepreneurship in Latin America. Via this book, they aim to increase the positive results of sustainable investments by analyzing the impact fund’s methods of investing in such sectors as climate technology and regenerative agriculture. This examination allows them — and anyone interested in such investments — to explore how to effectively grow companies and better the quality of partnerships with communities.


Book cover for You Can't Scale Chaos.You Can’t Scale Chaos: The Veteran Agent’s Guide to Working Smarter and Selling More

Jonathan Lack WG91
Ballast Books

Jonathan Lack explains how to plan for and achieve success in today’s unpredictable real estate market as well as how to improve your ability to learn from every experience. He also explores how to keep leaders accountable. Lack brings more than 30 years of management experience to this book, which helps readers work smarter, rather than simply hope that hard work alone will pay off.


Book cover for Outrider.Outrider

Mark Wales WG14
Pan Macmillan

Wales, a veteran of the Australian Defence Force and winner of Australian Survivor, may have relied on his adventurous experiences when crafting this intense thriller. The novel takes place in a 2034 dystopia in which protagonist Jack Dunne leads “the Resistance” against forces occupying a repressive Australia in the wake of a world war. With his 11-year-old son, Dunne must attempt his near-impossible final mission: to defeat their enemy and restore Australia’s freedom.


Book cover for KidsRead2Kids Presents ... Amazing Tales.KidsRead2Kids Presents… Amazing Tales

Carol Blumenstein EE87 W87 WG91, Alana Blumenstein, Reuben Blumenstein, and Benjamin Blumenstein

Created by kids, for kids — that’s Blumenstein’s vision for this fun and motivational activity book, which is co-authored by her children. Featuring advice from experts at Sesame Workshop and CNET, among others, it contains games, crafts, and quizzes as well as tips on sleep, nutrition, and identifying your passions. The result is both encouraging and practical, inspiring kids to be successful in school and in life.


Book cover for Deploying Enterprise Systems.Deploying Enterprise Systems: How to Select, Configure, Build, Deploy, and Maintain a Successful ES in Your Organization

David Mattson EE63 WG66
Productivity Press

Mattson, the president and CEO of Sandler Training, a leading sales-training organization, explains how to use an enterprise system in one’s organization to replace individual systems with a single large-scale software package, such as a CRM or supply-chain manager. Mattson explores how a company’s productivity can increase through use of an enterprise system as well as mistakes to avoid and skills needed to utilize one successfully.


Book cover for Tears in Paradise and a Smile in Hell.Tears in Paradise and a Smile in Hell

Hadi Jassim WAM96
Olympia Publishers

The protagonist of this novel emigrates from Asia to Europe, where he becomes a successful professional working in information technology. However, when his partner dies of cancer, he struggles to find peace while assimilating into a new culture. Eventually, his memories of his partner become moments of strength as he copes with his grief, and he ultimately learns to find his purpose and destiny through loss.


Book cover for Modern Achievement.Modern Achievement: A New Approach to Timeless Lessons for Aspiring Leaders

Asheesh Advani W94 and Marshall Goldsmith
Amplify Publishing Group

Drawing from lessons learned in leading JA Worldwide — a nonprofit organization that helps young people become financially independent entrepreneurs — Advani and Goldsmith provide modern, concrete advice for youthful leaders to achieve success in work and in life. The authors also share stories from their lives as well as those of other leaders. The inspiring result aims to enable young leaders to pursue their passions.