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Vikram Bakhru WG09

37; physician and COO of ConsejoSano, Inc., a venture-backed technology platform dedicated to improving health outcomes for underserved populations

Secret to your success? Ice cream. And perhaps a bit of persistence. I find that most problems worth solving require complex solutions. Often, the path toward solving these scenarios is not straightforward and requires a level of perseverance.

Proudest professional accomplishment? Coupled with becoming a physician, I am most proud of my efforts in founding a global health organization called Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. What started as a simple desire to support a single clinic in Central America has grown into a self-sustaining nonprofit with operations in 10 countries and a team of more than 3,000 staff and volunteers. My decision to pursue an MBA was largely because of my interest in learning how to better manage the foundation. Wharton helped me to realize my potential as a leader and taught me how to make important decisions that have enabled FIMRC to scale effectively.



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