The first three years of the Public Policy Initiative are conceived as follows:

Year One

The first year is underway and involves intense planning and organization. The advisory board members will be appointed, and additional staff will be recruited and hired—including the D.C.-based executive director, communications staff and student workers. Outreach efforts focus on faculty across campus. The initiative will also produce high-quality output, to be featured in policy briefs, on the new PPI website, on Knowledge@Wharton and during Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists.

Year Two

The generation of research and content will only pick up in the second year, as new staff and students are brought on and guidance comes from the advisory board. The initiative will offer research grants to faculty at Wharton and Penn in areas of expertise that match its agenda. Wharton Executive Education will begin offering custom courses to policymakers. Efforts during the second year will culminate with a major conference, bringing together academics, business professionals, legislators and staffers to discuss faculty research, crucial policy issues and the initiative’s work. This conference is anticipated to occur in alternating years thereafter.

Year Three

The research and outreach activities from the previous two years will continue. The executive director in Washington and the faculty director will coordinate student internship opportunities in government. Another goal will be to support distinguished fellows in residence to research identified policy topics.

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