By Vige Barrie, CW’74, WG’76

Dear Fellow Alumnus,

This year’s reunion weekend was a great success, breaking all records for attendance and giving. I hope those of you who were in attendance for all or part of the four-day-long celebration found it as enjoyable, entertaining, and educational as I did—despite the occasional downpours. Thanks go especially to the members of the alumni affairs office who seemed to work around the clock to ensure that each event ran smoothly as well as to the faculty members and alumni who presented a series of engrossing continuing education programs. As a 30th year celebrant, I so appreciated the opportunity to visit with many of my former classmates.

Just prior to the beginning of the reunion weekend, the Wharton Alumni Association Board gathered for its last meeting in this academic year at which we confirm new members for the board. We were fortunate to have received the largest number of board nominations ever, and the nominations committee was faced with a challenging task in creating the slate for board approval. Our goal was to identify nominees who demonstrated experience and engagement in alumni activities as well as who reflected the broad diversity of our 81,000-plus alumni body. We confirmed a slate that included six three-year members and four one-year chair appointees. Their names are included in the list on page 41. They hail from Istanbul to Minneapolis, from the 1970s to recent classes and include undergrads, MBAs, and WEMBAs [now the Wharton MBA Program for Executives].

Board members will continue to work on their committee goals throughout the summer in preparation for our October meeting and the Alumni Leadership Conference. The conference is an annual gathering of club and reunion leaders offering an opportunity to share best practices and to learn about new resources available via the Alumni Affairs office. In the meantime, I hope many of you will be able to travel to Rio de Janeiro to attend the final Global Alumni Forum of the summer. And, as always, I welcome your suggestions and comments at any time.

Vige Barrie, CW’74, WG’76
Chair, Wharton Alumni Association
Business: 315.859.4623