Forty million American adults experience anxiety disorders every year, and only a third receive treatment. NeuroFlow is set to rectify this. Co-founder Chris Molaro WG17 was inspired by his service as a platoon leader deployed in Iraq, where he was responsible for the well-being of 40 soldiers, many of whom struggled with PTSD. He teamed up with Penn bioengineering PhD candidate Adam Pardes GR19 to create NeuroFlow, a software platform that pairs with commercially available wearable devices to measure physiological indicators of stress in real time. Health-care providers can use this information to track patient progress and teach patients to change how their brains respond to stress.

Winner of this year’s Startup Challenge Innovation Award, NeuroFlow spent the summer in development at Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship’s accelerator VIP-X. Its creators have also partnered with professor Michael Platt to do research with his Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and Behavioral Lab.

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