Over the next few months, the Wharton MBA Admissions team will be busy making dozens of phone calls to welcome the newest members of the Wharton MBA Class of 2018.

For current first-year MBA student Alex Kubo and other members of the Student Welcome Committee, it hasn’t been that long since they were on the receiving end of that call.

“I remember trying so hard to contain my excitement when I got this call a year ago because I was in a construction trailer in a shared office with a colleague that didn’t know I was planning to leave,” Kubo says.

During the first round of acceptance calls in December, he captured a few of their reactions in the video below.

“I’m glad these admits didn’t [contain their excitement],” Kubo says.

Take a listen to the pure joy (and relief) in their voices in the video below—it’ll bring you back to the day you got the call.