Say Nice Things About Detroit


The fourth novel from former Lehman Brothers and National Steel Corp. employee (and previous Wharton Magazine Guest Commentary essayist), this book takes off when its protagonist moves home to Detroit, only to find out about the murder of his high-school sweetheart. The book is as much about the decline and neglect of the former auto capital of the world as it is about the mystery surrounding the murder.

The Almost Perfect Crime and Other Award-Winning Stories of New York


From one of our most creative contributors on the Wharton Blog Network comes this collection of 22 award-winning, sometimes autobiographical short stories. The book features four stories that were nominated for the national Pushcart Prize. Others include “Dog Fight,” a story about a rivalry between hot-dog vendors that turns into a romance, and “How Jiminy Cricket Helped Even the Score With the Dodgers,” about lessons of honesty learned while working as a stile boy at a baseball park.

Lead With a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince and Inspire


Storytelling has been a part of business for millennia, but in recent times, technology has turned business communication into a technical, dry affair. But not for savvy companies, who have relearned the art of storytelling over the past decades to manage their brand and inspire their employees. The author shows how stories can help business leaders through 21 of their most difficult challenges, while also providing the literary tools to create great stories that can teach, motivate and lead.