Digital Lifelong Learning resources include:


These hour-long sessions have proven so popular that the school is increasing both the quantity and variety of offerings. in 2013- 2014, there will be 14 webinars offered in total, on such topics as: “Boards That Lead,” with Prof. Michael Useem, “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs,” with Prof. Peter Cappelli; and “Social Media Content Strategies,” with Prof. Kartik Hosanger.

Business Radio on SiriusXM

Business radio powered by the Wharton school hit the airwaves on SiriusXM channel 111, with wharton alumni listening, calling in and co-hosting.

Authors@Wharton Series

Wharton Leadership Program’s on-campus speaker series has grown popular with students—welcoming authors in spring 2014 like Arianna Huffington and Dan Ariely—and Lifelong Learning has brought it to alumni through livestreaming.

Wharton Digital Press

From ebooks to mobile apps to print books available through print-on-demand technology, WDP provides access to groundbreaking Wharton scholarship.


Faculty-led courses in finance, marketing, operations management and more are available as refreshers or new electives for alumni on the MOOC platform.


The school’s online business journal offers alumni world-class insight into the most recent business research, analysis of news, and interviews with industry leaders and faculty. a pioneer in the field, Knowledge@Wharton celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and recently launched a fully redesigned website and has a soon-to-be program on Business radio.

—Elizabeth Johnson

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Springboarding to the Next Success

A professor’s book, and subsequent webinar, provides guidance on
how to answer “what’s next” in your life.


G. Richard Shell, Wharton’s Thomas Gerrity Professor, galvanized the Wharton community with his performance in a Wharton Webinar on Feb. 18. The event was based largely on his 2013 book Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success (which is based itself largely on a Wharton course that Shell teaches).

The book (and the webinar and the class) aims to help readers answer two seemingly simple questions: What, for me, is success, and how will I achieve it?

Of course, answering those questions is easier said than done. Even when people appear to be successful, they may not be happy and may be succumbing to one of these pitfalls:

The Ivy league Problem: Put another way, this is the unhappy story of the small fish in the big pond.

The Hungry Ghost Problem: Based on an insatiable Buddhist mythological creature with the body of an elephant and the head the size of a pin, this problem refers to people who never have enough money or fame.

The OK Plateau Problem: When one has a modicum of success and comfort, one may fear losing it all and avoid risks (and their rewards).

The Metaphor Problem: Adhere to “ladder” or “pie-eating contest” career analogies, and you may one day realize that the prize for winning the pie-eating contest is more pies and another contest.

The hardcover of Shell’s book, published in August 2013, won the prestigious 800CEOREADS Best Business Book of the Year. The paperback version was released this spring.

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