Buenos Aires, El Escenario Urbano

By Sebastian Letemendia, WG’92 (text and photos)
Casa Editora (2002)

“What makes this book different? It shows the city from the regular city dweller’s perspective. . . . The photographic fresco is very much like Buenos Aires.” – Alberto Varas, National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires


The Art of the Advantage: 36 Strategies to Seize the Competitive Edge

By Kaihan Krippendorff, ENG’94, W’94
TEXERE (2003)

“By applying ancient Eastern wisdom to modern business competition Krippendorff ’s The Art of the Advantage gives Western managers powerful strategies to achieve success.” – Mark McNeilly, Author of Sun Tzu and the Art of Business


Worry-Free Family Finances: Three Steps to Building & Maintaining Your Family’s Financial Well-Being

By Bill Staton, WG’71, and Mary Staton

“If you are ready for worry-free family finances, read, absorb and use the wisdom in Bill and Mary’s book.” – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul


Value Leadership: The 7 Principles That Drive Corporate Value in Any Economy

By Peter S. Cohan, WG’85
Jossey-Bass (2003)

“Peter Cohan achieves the rare feat of showing how companies can link values, leadership, and human relationships to competitive success and financial performance.” – George S. Yip, professor and associate dean, London Business School


Inside the Cult of Kibu (And Other Tales of the Millennial Gold Rush)

By Lori Gottlieb and Jesse Jacobs, C’97, WG’04

“An intoxicating collective memoir of the American Dream gone wild.” – Peter Gruber, former CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment and author of Shoot Out: Surviving the Fame and Misfortune of Hollywood



PIPES: A Guide to Private Investments in Public Equity

Edited by Steven Dresner with E. Kurt Kim, WG’96

“This collection sheds light on the historical, regulatory, and transactional aspects of these often-mysterious securities. Both practitioners and students of the private equity industry should find this book valuable.” – Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School