Wharton alumni are doing too many cool things for us at Wharton Magazine to write about all of them. We try our best, but oftentimes, it’s easiest for us to share what others in the media have written about Wharton alumni. We typically do this through the Wharton Magazine Twitter and Facebook accounts, so please follow those for weekly updates.

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Today, we’re trying something different for us and including brief descriptions of recent Wharton alumni news items of note.

Read them below, follow the links for further details and, please, let us know if we’ve missed any Wharton alumni making waves in the world’s media for their professional pursuits and successes.

Wharton alumni and Google CFO Ruth Porat

Wall Street Loves Google’s New CFO

On Thursday, July 16, Ruth Porat WG87 apprarently “made a big impression” on investors, according to Business Insider. The Google chief financial officer participated in her first earnings call since coming on board. Google shares then jumped 14 percent in trading at one point the following day—their biggest increase ever. Analysts praised Porat.

“New CFO delivers,” Macquarie wrote.

“She focused on the matters that the market cares about the most, namely the ability to invest with discipline and what appears to be a more pragmatic outlook on its balance sheet,” Goldman Sachs noted.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/wall-street-loves-google-cfo-ruth-porat-2015-7

Wharton alumni and serial entrepreneur John SculleyApple ex-CEO John Sculley Is Enjoying a Revivial

CNBC provides a quick update on everything John Sculley WG63 has been accomplishing recently—and it’s a lot. Zeta Interactive (with Sculley as co-founder and vice chairman) just got valued at $1 billion. And his fitness tracker firm Misfit Wearables raised $40 million this past December. His Indian mobile company Obi Mobiles launched an affordable smartphone. The article provides a chart with 13 Sculley endeavors. It’s great recognition for someone who long since moved past being known as Apple’s ex-CEO.

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/07/14/apple-ex-ceo-john-sculley-is-enjoying-a-revival.html

How Do Innovators Spot Market OpportunitiesWharton alum Elon Musk

Elon Musk C97 W97 appears in the news more than most other Wharton alumni (other than those, perhaps, running for U.S. president). It’s simply a factor of him having so much going on with Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity and his other high-profile, highly successful endeavors. But it’s also because writers love to compare Musk with the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and analyze why he’s been so successful.

In the latest such example, MIT Sloan Management Review gave space for such analysis to Wharton’s own Paul J. H. Schoemaker WG74 GR77, the Mack Institute’s research director, and co-author Steven Krupp, who wrote an article about strategic leadership. They highlighted Musk’s “forward-thinking” style of leadership. To Musk, that style is simply a matter of trying.

“You must try until your brain hurts,” Musk has said.

Read more: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/how-do-innovators-spot-market-opportunities/

Again, pass us your favorite news items involving Wharton alumni and we would be happy to share them.