Bob Crandall, WG’60, former chairman and CEO of American Airlines, gave a keynote speech at his 50th reunion a few years ago that ignited his former classmates. He talked about the “geezer crusade”—a concept he borrowed from columnist David Brooks about how people of a certain age ought to help ensure a better world for future generations. Crandall spoke of “generativity”—the act of providing for future generations.

“Individually, we are all doing all we can for our own kids and grandkids,” he said, “but in our political lives, we are engaging in reverse generativity—we are taking from the young rather than providing for them.”

See Crandall’s call to action yourself below.



To learn more about what Crandall’s contemporaries are doing (and it’s not retiring), read the article in the Summer 2014 Wharton Magazine, Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.”