The new Wharton Magazine app is perhaps best described as apps within an app. And as an app killer. The new app replaced an older model, which had served us well for years as a feed to new content.

One of the primary purposes for the new app, produced by academic publishing specialist GradMags, is to do something the old app couldn’t do:  provide our readership with a digital alternative to the print magazine. Not to say we don’t want to mail you your feature-rich quarterly edition anymore. We will still happily distribute more than 95,000 copies each issue. But if ever you want the eye-catching design of the magazine with digital enhancements, all fitting nicely on your iPad when you’re on the go, then this new app is the way to go.

One great piece of content that you can find on the app: the digital edition of our latest issue.

One great piece of content that you can find on the app: the digital edition of our latest issue.

In addition to magazine digital replicas, the app includes simple but elegant “tiles”—which practically serve as those apps within the app—providing regularly updated connections to other sources of Wharton-relevant content and knowledge such as our Wharton Blog Network. With our new app, you don’t have to miss the daily posts from Wharton thought leaders, student writers, and administrative staff updating the Wharton community about campus events and news. Other tiles connect you to the myriad social media platforms from the magazine and other Wharton channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Some tiles remain stalwarts on the app, while others are swapped regularly  as content and events (like MBA Reunion and Wharton Global Forum) dictate.

As always, we are interested in what the Wharton community wants and needs. If there is a content source or functionality that you think would benefit the app, please let us know. We’re always listening for your feedback and ideas on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as at

I am getting ahead of myself though. For a better idea of the Wharton Magazine app’s potential, please download it at the Apple iTunes Store. Then please pass along the news and the link to anyone in the Wharton community who could benefit from the app (i.e., everyone!).

Editor’s note: The Wharton Magazine app currently only runs on iOS for iPhones and, especially, iPads. We are considering expanding to other mobile platforms.